2-days Taichung Journey of Intellectuali  
Day One:

After arrival in Taichung, go to the Mon Coeur Manor first, which belongs to Lavender Forest.

There you could stroll and take photos as you want, then have lunch at their restaurant.

(Ticket $200 during holidays, and $100 ordinary days)

Dakeng Earthquake Park

Spend some time wandering around in this park, which shows JunGong Elementary School Seismical Region.

Then you could even take about 1 hour to enjoy forest bathing by walking on DaKeng Hiking Trails No.9 & 10, with enough strength.

Dakeng Dongdong Taro Balls are strongly recommended, you would come here in vain if you don’t taste the dessert.

Carton King Creativity Park displays various objects made by paper, and you could have dinner in the restaurant there.

Afterwards you would get to the hotel to check in and have a rest.

Then FengChia Night Market is coming~ There are lots of snacks~

Wanggaoliao is a good place to overlook night scenes of Taichung.

However you’d better not to go there too late, since it would be darker and the same scenes could be also viewed from Metropolitan Park.

Day Two:

National Museum of Natural Science is your next station, which includes Botanical Garden, green area, and others to visit. Furthermore it’s quite convenient for you since the museum is just in the urban district.

The Art Museum Parkway is must-see for you.

The whole lane is lined with buildings of different styles, and each one is a featured restaurant.

Rainbow Village is quite well-known on internet.

It’s a little difficult to find due to its scale, however suitable for travelers full of curiosity.

You could adjust journey as per your interests.

Tunghai Art St. / Tunghai Night Market / Yizhong St. / Gaomei Wetland and Metropolitan Park

Taichung’s bike-lane network  
The Taichung’s bike-lane network consists of following four lanes:

Lane No.1:

Dongfeng Park → National Chung Hsing University → Health Park → National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts → Cultural Center → National Museum of Natural Science → Zhong zheng Park → Xingjin Road → Dongguang Parkway → Dongfeng Park

The overall length of the journey is 21 kilometers.

Lane No.2:

National Chung Hsing University Parkway → Taichung Brewery → Jiguang St. → Willow River → Art Museum Parkway → Turning to Lane No.1

The overall length of the journey is 3.5 kilometers.

Lane No. 3:

Cultural Center → Plum River → Yude Road →Turning to Lane No.1

The overall length of the journey is 2.2 kilometers.

Lane No. 4:

Zhongming Parkway → Willow River → Huanzhong Rd → Dakeng

The overall length of the journey is 14 kilometers.

Among these lanes, the one about Dongguang Parkway is recommended mostly.

Setting off from the Taiyuan Railway Station, ride along the Railway to Hanxi Old Street Historic District, where Leh Cherng Temple(be called Hanxi Mazu Temple of 250-years history) is located, then turn to Dongguang Parkway lined with olive trees.

This part is most comfortable and coolest for whole family riding, with large green shade, it is even selected as most beautiful Parkway of Taichung.

If with enough time, you could go for Dakeng, which is known as Taichung backyard garden.

There Leisure Farm, Tourism Fruit Farm, Carton King Creativity Park, and Zhongzheng Camping area、Fireflies Watching Area are all deserved to recommend.

Taichung’s bike-lane network is well-developed by government recently, and the mild climate makes the city perfect for bicycling with the help of Taiwan unique Parkway system.

Covered by kinds of subjects (such as culture, sensibility and tourism), the network integrates different life functions, but also promotes closer combination between bike and leisure activity.